2020, September 6 - Valencia James

Introducing Valencia James, pop artist based in Sydney, Australia.



Previously featured on online media such as Earmilk, Idobi Radio, and Variance Magazine, Valencia's music can be described as dark EDM inspired pop. Her influences include Ryan Tedder, Sia, and Lady Gaga.

With her Neuman TLM 102 Microphone using mattresses against a closet and blanket hanging on an Ikea coat hanger as her recording set up, she is able to create alluring yet powerful vocals.



You can check out her latest single "Friend I Can't Keep" on this week's discovery list.


In true MP fashion, below are pretty random questions thrown at her and well, let’s see what he has to say!

In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?
A place where everyone thinks they’re an expert at everything and shares it and then it goes viral. 

What is in your fridge right now?
Greek yogurt, cheese, salmon, eggs, and a few other random items. Grocery shopping day is tomorrow. 👌🏼

What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you?
Absolutely crazy. It’s probably not the best idea. 

In the apocalypse, would you rather tough it alone or try to find a community to live in?
A community for sure, but that’s if I survived. 😂
What are the three best things about you that you wouldn’t put in your bio on a dating profile?
1. I have a nice 🍑 or so I’ve been told, (although I believe most people would probably share that on a dating app?🤷🏼‍♀️)
2. I’ll keep you entertained with all my witty jokes and sarcasm
3. I can be your own personal therapist cause I like to talk about my issues and yours 


And there you have it. Check out the works of Valencia James if you enjoy electro pop with dark melodic elements. Here are all the different channels to connect with her.