2020, September 24 - Nadia Vaeh

Introducing Nadia Vaeh, Atlanta native songwriter and alt-pop artist.



Nadia is no stranger to performance arts, having modeling and singing for a circus crew in her resume. Her love of music was established early on and nurtured by her parents, allowing her to join a traveling youth choir. Her talent as a lyricist is fueled by her mother, a poet with a passion for words.

At the age of 17, tragedy hit as Nadia lost her mother to suicide. This heartbreaking event led her to spiral down a path of self sabotage and destruction. Her journey of healing and discovery continues as she pursues her love of music.




You can check out her latest single "Anxiety" on this week's discovery list.


In true MP fashion, below are pretty random questions thrown at her and well, let’s see what he has to say!

What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed you didn’t realize earlier?
I used to think that the brain was the most fascinating part of the human body.. until I realized what was making me think this
What are your go to answers for everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”?
"Fair to midland." / "I am a professional at working overtime and making no money."
What is in your fridge right now?
Tons of Trader Joes burritos, green juices, lotsa ginger, blueberries, walnuts, chicken sausages, a salad kit and some string cheese. Oh! and TONS of sauces. 
If you could be a member of any TV sitcom family, which would it be?
Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to?
I ate a brownie with an undisclosed amount of cannabis in it and put me on another planet. NEVER AGAIN!! Always know what you're eating kids. 

In the apocalypse, would you rather tough it alone or try to find a community to live in?
I already have an apocalypse crew in formation...DEFINITELY not planning to go it alone if the world goes to complete pits!
If you could choose one musical artist to marry but could never listen to their music again, who would it be?
Chad Kroeger from Nickleback


And there you have it. Check out the works of Nadia Vaeh if you enjoy pop with a mix of alternative and electro elements. Here are all the different channels to connect with her.