2021, January 8 - Lazy Vibes

Introducing Lazy Vibes, lofi chillhop producer who debuted last year.



Before forming his moniker Lazy Vibes in February 2020, Jean Paul composed orchestral music for mediums such as trailers, games and film.

Now he produces lofi beats with inspiration from anime and games like the Studio Ghibli collection and Final Fantasy series.

Some of his influences include Kudasaibeats, Luv.Ly, Jinsang, potsu, eevee, Delayde, Rook1e, Tomppabeats, Sleepy Fish, Idealism, and Kupla.



You can check out his track Determination and other works in our lofi chillhop list.


In true MP fashion, below are pretty random questions thrown at him and well, let’s see what he has to say!

In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?
Dope place to hang around during lock down.

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?
Make love, not war!

What is in your fridge right now?
Beer, beer, and more beer.. if you look hard enough, maybe some cheese 😊

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to?
Lit and blew up a small cooking gas container!
In the apocalypse, would you rather tough it alone or try to find a community to live in?
Try to find a community to rule.
If you could only eat one food item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
What are the three best things about you that you wouldn’t put in your bio on a dating profile?
I’m such a nice guy. The cat eats my dinner (and then I’ll eat the cat).
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My astrophysics research where I discovered why planets are running in the orbits they are in now.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Life is not the number of days you live, but the number of days you remember!

And there you have it. Check out the works of Lazy Vibes if you enjoy lofi beats with Eastern vibes. Here are all the different channels to connect with him.